Monday, November 4, 2013

Beginning Cool Tools for School and the CNYSchool Library Conference

   Today begins a journey into more Web 2.0  tools for my library. It also was a wonderful day at the Greater Central New York School Library Conference. Jennifer LaGarde was the keynote speaker and inspired us all with her words of wisdom. Some favorite quotes from the keynote include "kids and teachers are the collection, not the books" and "Dewey is not a life skill". LaGarde suggests making our sources more available to students through new ways of shelving, making our labs into "inquiry centers" where students generate many questions, and making ourselves indispensable so that we don't become obsolete.
   Much of the rest of the day focused on IPad apps. I have downloaded many suggested apps today and look forward to spending time learning more about Qrafter, Chirp, Pic Collage, Skitch, Screen Chomp, Videolicious and Colar Mix. I know there are more on class handouts, as well. I especially was interested in ways to use Google Earth with Chirp and Pic Collage. The ability to find a map, take a screen shot, edit it and show it to a class in a few minutes is appealing.
   Finally, Bill and Banna from Riversend bookstore presented their yearly list of best books. They always have titles that are not available anywhere else, are thought-provoking, and are beautifully written. This year was no exception. I did not get a handout, but look forward to getting the complete list and purchasing some of the titles for my students.

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  1. Oh wow, what a fun day! So many great ideas, I'm making note of the apps you mentioned, so many apps, so little time.